UPDATE: Some Biographical Information About Two Cops Who Died In Plane Crash


OCEAN CITY — Late Monday afternoon, more information was released about the two OCPD officers who perished in a tragic plane crash in the ocean about a quarter of a mile off the beach at 130th Street on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, the bodies of the two OCPD officers were recovered from the plane wreckage on the ocean floor about 500 yards off the beach at 130th Street and the victims were positively identified as Thomas J. Geoghegan, Jr., 43, of Ocean City and Joshua D. Adickes, 27, of Berlin. Both were OCPD officers.

Geoghegan was originally from Annapolis and began his career with the OCPD as a seasonal officer in 1991 and has served each summer since 2002. Geoghegan served numerous tours as an undercover narcotics agent. At the time of his untimely death on Sunday, Geoghegan was assigned to the patrol division where he worked on the evening south shift.

In January, Geoghegan was awarded a Bronze Star during the Ocean City Neighborhood Watch Program’s annual OCPD Officer of the Year banquet and was among a handful of officers to “receive commendations for distinguishing his or herself by performing extraordinary physical acts or rendering life saving techniques to aid in the preservation of human life.” According to an OCPD release, among Geoghegan’s many hobbies was a love to fly airplanes and he enjoyed taking his friends for airplane rides.

Adickes was originally from Long Valley, N.J. and joined the OCPD as a seasonal officer in the summer of 2011 and was hired as a full-time officer in 2012. He was currently assigned to the patrol division and also worked on the evening south shift. According to an OCPD release, Adickes was fun-loving and charismatic and was liked by all who knew him. He loved the beach and loved being an Ocean City Police officer.

According to the OCPD, both officers were dedicated and courageous both on and off duty. Each had a true love of life, which they demonstrated in their professional and personal pursuits. Each exemplified the finest character and their passing is a tremendous loss to the Ocean City Police Department family.

“As we deal with this difficult time, we recall their joyful spirits and professional accomplishments,” an OCPD statement reads. “The town of Ocean City and the Ocean City Police Department are better places because of their attributes and that is how they will be remembered.”

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