Motorcyclist Crashes Into Truck Trying To Flee Ocean City Police

OCEAN CITY — A Delaware man was seriously injured on Saturday night after attempting to flee Ocean City Police on a motorcycle before crashing into the back of a tow truck in the area of 32nd Street.

Around 8:40 p.m. on Saturday, Ocean City Police observed a motorcycle traveling south on Coastal Highway at an extremely high rate of speed in the area of 32nd Street. OCPD officer began pursuit and attempted to stop the motorcycle, operated by Robert George Roth II, 21, of Frederica, Del., in the area of 30th Street.

Roth initially stopped, but just as the officers were exiting their police vehicle and approaching the motorcycle, he fled again and made a U-turn and headed north on Coastal Highway in the bus lane at a high rate of speed. Roth traveled two blocks before colliding with a tow truck that was attempting to turn east onto 32nd Street from the bus lane.

Roth suffered several severe injuries and was treated at the scene by Ocean City EMS before being transported to nearby Jolly Roger Amusement Park, where Maryland State Police helicopter Trooper 4 was waiting to fly him to PRMC. Roth’s medical condition had not been updated, but sources indicate he had several broken bones and a serious laceration to his face.

The collision occurred at around 8:40 p.m. on Saturday during the height of weekend traffic on Coastal Highway and hundreds of onlookers crowded the streets in the area.

Roth has been charged with traveling at a speed greater than reasonable, failure to control speed to avoid a collision, reckless driving, fleeing and eluding, unsafe lane change, driving while suspended, and driving an unregistered vehicle.

3 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Crashes Into Truck Trying To Flee Ocean City Police

  1. Lowering COastal Highway to 25 mph will help eliminate the hoolumizum created by high spped limits in a beach town whose population sells during summer season.
    We become a super suburb and speed limits should reflect should reflect the

  2. Eliminate the 35-40 mph to prevent houdlumizem driving. Same for the atmosphere of the city. It reeks of low class idiociy driving habits. Driving along Philadelphia and Coastal is like playing “Frogger”. Pedestria

  3. The end of school has arrived, and along with it many good youths come to OCMD to enjoy our offerings. Unfortunately, the Low-life Riffrafs tag along, making what could be a good, wholesome vist a nightmare for others. Our cars in our condo were vandalized, along with other cars parked on our street. We know of 10 cars which hsd their mirrors ripped off, leaving only chards of wire hanging from cars. Hundreds of dollars in repair to body shop and car rentals . I doubt these THUGS will do anything but make life misersble for the rest of mankind. Lock them up. Let them hang in jail with the ne’re do well clones.

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