NEW FOR TUESDAY: Suspect Tased, Arrested In Late-Night Boardwalk Fight


OCEAN CITY — A Clinton, Md. man had to be subdued with a Taser early Sunday morning after a fight on the Boardwalk resulted in a large crowd taunting and threatening Ocean City police officers.

Around 1 a.m. on Sunday, uniformed OCPD officers were on bike patrol in the area of 5th Street and the Boardwalk when they observed two male suspects pushing and arguing with each other, which caused a large crowd to gather. This was a separate incident from the stabbing that occurred overnight Sunday further north on the Boardwalk.

OCPD officers attempted to separate the two suspects, but one of them, later identified as Joseph Tyrice Cromartie, 20, of Clinton, Md., became combative and assaulted the officers.

One of the OCPD officers used his Electronic Control Device, or Taser, to subdue Cromartie, who was eventually arrested. By the time Cromartie was taken into custody, the large crowd that had gathered at the scene began acting in an aggressive and disorderly manner and taunted and made threatening statements to the officers.

Additional officers responded to the scene, including K-9 and mounted patrols, Worcester County Sheriff’s Deputies and Maryland State Police troopers. The crowd was then quickly dispersed and order was restored to the area. Per OCPD policy, Cromartie was transported by Ocean City EMS to Atlantic General for an examination following the use of the ECD, or Taser, and he was release shortly thereafter with no injuries. He has been charged with two counts of second-degree assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct, failure to obey law enforcement and resisting arrest. He was taken before a District Court Commissioner and was later release on his own recognizance.

8 thoughts on “NEW FOR TUESDAY: Suspect Tased, Arrested In Late-Night Boardwalk Fight

  1. Recently had jury duty for a month in Snow Hill. Tired of these young dudes and their attitudes. Am sure that I am not alone in this. They had better watch themselves, fighting police officers and all of that ! No jury here is going to take that favorably at all.

  2. Why should he be released on bond? They had him caught red-handed resisting the police. Should be kept in lock down until trial; might be only sentence he ends up with. More than time to get mean and ugly with these jerks.

  3. Somebody needs to get these brothers under control. They are ruining the of experience. I will not bring my family this year!!

  4. Working on the boards this weekend I could not believe my eye’s.Felt like I was in Balt.City.I sure would not let my kids alone in the day light hours not to mention at all at night.Wow so different then when my parents brought our family down .OCMD family resort yea right!!

  5. As the real Elvis (late in his failing life) used to say: “Its a hot time in Florida!”

    Only 19 days left in the month of June!


  6. Sad commentary on the current state of affairs in what was once: America’s favorite family resort”

  7. This guy tried to throw a cop over the concrete seawall and he was “release on his own recognizance.” Thank you, Ocean City District Court Commissioners.

  8. junebugs are out o.c wants there money and this is what us locals have to put up with the only people who are making out is the rental agents the put the junebugs next to us and we have to suffer the juice is not worth the sqeeze go home junebugs

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