NEW FOR TUESDAY: Suspected Drunk Driver Runs Into OC Bus


OCEAN CITY — For the second time in three weeks, an Ocean City municipal vehicle was struck by an alleged drunk driver when an apparently intoxicated Stevensville man ran a stop sign at 7th Street and collided with a municipal bus before fleeing the scene early Sunday morning.

Around 2:45 a.m. on Sunday, Ocean City Police and EMS responded to the area of 7th Street and Philadelphia Ave. for a reported motor vehicle collision involving a municipal bus and a car which had fled the scene. The initial investigation revealed a municipal bus was heading south on Philadelphia Ave. when a vehicle heading west on 7th Street allegedly ran a stop sign and struck the bus. The vehicle, driven by Maxwell J. Mosscrop, 20, of Stevensville, Md., then struck an unoccupied parked vehicle and fled the scene.

OCPD officer broadcasted a description of the vehicle involved in the crash and a Worcester County Sheriff’s Deputy patrolling in the area located Mosscrop a short time later near 13th Street. Mosscrop was stopped and is suspected of being drunk at the time of the crash. In addition to assorted alcoholic beverages, OCPD officers recovered suspected marijuana from Mosscrop’s vehicle.

Mosscrop was arrested and charged with 17 different counts related to the incident including failing to remain at the scene of an injury accident, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving a vehicle in violation of an alcohol-restricted Maryland license, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. He was taken before a District Court Commissioner and was released on a $10,000 unsecured bond.

Sunday morning’s incident marked the second time in three weeks a town-owned vehicle has been involved in a collision. On May 18, a marked OCPD vehicle with two officers inside was traveling south on Coastal Highway in stop-and-go traffic near 84th Street. A commercial vehicle, described as a “Bethany Resort Furnishing” box truck failed to stop, causing the truck to strike the rear of the marked police vehicle. The collision caused a chain reaction accident involving a total of four vehicles. The two officers were transported to AGH for treatment of injuries sustained in the crash and the police cruiser suffered a significant amount of damage and was taken out of service.

Just last week, a Boardwalk tram caught fire while fueling in the downtown area and was completely destroyed, adding to what has been a tough start to the summer for Ocean City’s municipal fleet.

7 thoughts on “NEW FOR TUESDAY: Suspected Drunk Driver Runs Into OC Bus

  1. WOW !! You got the idea ! The idea got your attention ! WOW ! Yea…Imagine the impediment to all businesses ! WOW ! Just the thought that a checkpoint could spring up should be enough of a deterrent in and of itself. Thank you WOW !!!

  2. Checkpoints? Never happen in our town ~ too much $$$$$ involved with our business patrons. There are enough Gumps out there who don’t leave stupid on the west side of the 50 or 90 bridge to keep our OCPD gainfully employed.

    DWI checkpoints on Coastal HWY – not gonna happen.


  3. How about DWI checkpoints randomly set up on Coastal Hgwy. ? Why not ? Have always been scared to death of a drunk driver running up on me in OC. Of coarse, bar owners in this town might not appreciate this; possibly seeing it as a further impediment to catering to a drunk clientele, and making a good living while doing so.

  4. DWI checkpoints in OC…”Why Not?” Could you imagine the traffic jam that would cause? You want them to set up a DWI checkpoint on a major 4 lane highway? That would be like setting up a checkpoint in DC during rush hour. Worst idea ever…

  5. DWI checkpoints on Coastal Highway ? Worth the discussion. Why can’t it happen ? It’s a state road just as route 50 is. The results ( doing so a couple of times ) would speak for themselves. Not such an extreme idea as far as I am concerned. Getting one drunk off the road might save a life… yours..mine . Why not ?

  6. Don’t see this happening, The traffic, the loss of business to the bar and in general the people who do come to the town to party would stay away. Sure OC gets alot of family business but there are still a lot of people that show up just to party. If you start putting up check points they are just going to go someplace else.

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