Protective Order Filed Against City Manager

OCEAN CITY — Allegations that City Manager David Recor was suicidal and violent during a recent encounter with his wife were included in court documents filed this month.

On May 10, Maria Recor obtained a temporary protective order against her husband after an incident on May 5 in Fort Meyers, Fla., where the couple was with family for their daughter’s college graduation.

In her written petition for protection from her husband of 23 years, Maria Recor wrote, “On Sunday evening, May 5, David was angry and upset at me for not paying him enough attention. We were at a vacation house and he climbed to the roof top and was threatening to jump. I told him to come back over, his daughters could hear and see. I had hold of his arm, keeping him on the railing. He said you don’t love me and I said no I don’t. He swung at my face and hit me near the eye. He then came over the railing and pushed me violently to the ground twice, my head slamming into the ground. He then arrived to our home and took my car.”

City manager since June of last year, David Recor issued a statement this week after the court records were made public.

“This is a very difficult time for myself and my family.  I thank everyone in advance for respecting my privacy during this very painful and personal matter,” Recor’s statement read.

In the meantime, it was business as usual for Recor this week, but he did have a noticeable black eye. On Monday, he was present at the Police Commission and Tourism Commission meetings. On Tuesday afternoon, he was in attendance at the Mayor and Council work session and then later participated in the Recreation and Parks Commission meeting.

The Mayor and Council did not discuss the allegations publicly at Tuesday’s meeting, and there have reportedly been no discussions on action being taken against Recor or talks about his future with the city.

The temporary protective order maintains Recor cannot contact his wife or enter her residence in Ocean City. David Recor’s address is listed as Onancock, Va., while Maria Recor’s address is Ocean City. A final protective order hearing is set for May 17 at 10 a.m. in Snow Hill.

Mayor Rick Meehan on Wednesday said he and David Recor took part in a conference call together that morning and the city manager is continuing with his work obligations.

“He is moving forward with his duties and I think he will continue to do so. I have confidence in David and I have confidence in his abilities to lead our city,” Meehan said. “David’s a quiet man. He has a good presence at City Hall and everybody at City Hall supports him and enjoys working with him. I think they all want to continue with business as usual.”

Meehan shied away from questions regarding the content of the protective order.

“That’s a personal matter, and I don’t think it’s all been resolved. I think we need to wait and let that all play out and see what happens. I think it’s best to not comment and give them the opportunity to work this out and move forward,” Meehan said.

In her handwritten order, Maria Recor spells out a history of domestic issues. She wrote there has been, “numerous occasions of physical violence over past 23 years against both myself and two oldest daughters.”

Maria Recor’s comments about her husband are not the first heard about a volatile-at-times David Recor, who came to Ocean City last year from Fort Pierce, Fla., where he served as city manager from 2008 to 2012.

In an interview last May with The Dispatch after Recor was selected to be Ocean City’s top appointed official, at a salary of approximately $147,000 a year, Fort Pierce Commissioner Reggie Sessions, one of his former bosses, called Recor an intelligent leader, but said he does have a temper.

“David’s young. When you are young, you tend to have a stronger pride … and he has some characteristics about him in terms of his nature and response and temper sometimes with individuals in the political field. They realize that he’s volatile and will react … that will sometimes cause problems for him.” 
During an interview with The Dispatch the next week in May 2012, Recor addressed Sessions’ claims about his temper.

“Commissioner Sessions has offered some very good advice that I have taken to heart. That is to be meek and humble and not react to the political criticisms. Meek and humble has been great advice. Knowing when to hit the pause button has been another piece of good advice. Not every criticism or point, whether it’s accurate or just wrong, is worthy of a response, in other words. Not everything merits a response,” he said. “I think what Reggie was really referring to was some of the folks here knew how to push my buttons. There were attacks on my family by some, and there’s no being meek and humble about those sorts of things. That’s just uncalled for, no matter who you are. I have taken constructive criticism over the years and I have learned from it, and I have never been afraid to admit when I made a mistake. What I believe is that’s important to acknowledge when a mistake has been made because that’s the only way you learn from it.”

11 thoughts on “Protective Order Filed Against City Manager

  1. “Numerous occasions of physical violence over the past 23 years” – Nice job Ocean City. You could have saved some money and just hired one of the masses of white trash from Glen Burnie that make their way across the bridge every summer.

  2. I’m sure OCPD will put their noses in this. They do with everything else that doesn’t involve them!

  3. I was wondering the same thing as “OC Resident” as far as why his wife kept quiet for 23 long years. Not only that, but why would she tolerate such abusive treatment (or “physical violence” as she states) and stay with him more than 2 decades?

    There’s ALWAYS 2 sides to every story and David Recor hasn’t said much regarding the incident. As Steven Green begins this article with the word “Allegations”, that’s all Maria Recor’s allegations are at this point in time…allegations.

    Furthermore, since Mrs. Recor “claims” that Mr. Recor – “…swung at my face and hit me near the eye.” and “then came over the railing and pushed me violently to the ground twice, my head slamming into the ground.”, why hasn’t Recor been charged with 1st Degree Assault!?

  4. Timbo – masses of the “white trash” you mentioned within OC as well. While it is covered up by local media and rarely publicized, I have heard of many instances of immoral behavior by members of OC’s local government over the years such as drunkenness, adultery, and illegal activities that I won’t get into

    In regards to Recor’s situation – as the saying goes “There’s a fine line between sanity and insanity” and my theory is that working within a corrupt organization with a band of unscrupulous and immoral characters in OC’s local government who possess no integrity whatsoever is taking its toll on Recor’s mental health, just as it would with most everyone who would be in his position.

  5. Suicidal?…23yrs of Domestic Abuse? A reputation for having a temper?….I wonder how this was “overlooked” when he was hired?…Quite the leader for our “Family” Resort town!!!…To be fair- Domestic Issues are complex issues but he has had 23 yrs to seek the help he and his family needed-he didnt!!!—-I dont understand how our Council and Mayor think this is strictly a “personal”matter???Would they want him as a “Brother-In-Law” , I wonder???? the best part of all this?- we pay him $150K+ to live in VA and mot the city he is supposed to manage….

  6. I do not know,why his wife keeping quite for 23 years as she said
    I think this is a personnel matter since the man is doing his good work for the city,he could solve his problem with his wife together
    every one sometimes have a personel problem

  7. Background check? Why yes there was ~ City HALL made a pre-interview phone call, remember?

    Unfortunately this will have a sad ending for all.

    Soggy ~BUSHMAN!~

  8. He was the overwhelming choice of Hall & Hall. Thank goodness thay are not on the council any longer.

    Hopefully, the next election will rid us of Ashley & Pillis.

    Those four were the worst thing to happen in O.C.

  9. Wives don’t speak up because they want their family to work and then when they finally do, they are questioned as to why they didn’t say something sooner. He comes to work with a black eye and restraining order and the Mayor says “We just want to continue business as usual?” Wow. Maybe he should consider taking these allegations seriously and noting how poorly they reflect on a family-oriented resort and say that he intends to fully investigate them before dismissing them because he has a vested interest in his decision to hire Recor.

  10. Don’t judge without the facts and only if you are innocent yourself…this is not standing up for Mr. Recor or disrespecting Mrs. Recor…domestic violence can and does happen, it’s not acceptable regardless of who instigated it or committed it, whether you are in public office or not. I hope that they can resolve their issues for their children and their own sake…both are nice folks.

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