NEW FOR WEDNESDAY: Protesters Draw Attention In Ocean City


OCEAN CITY — An otherwise quiet and peaceful post-holiday afternoon was marked by a rather unusual protest even for Ocean City standards when representatives of the “Bloodstained Men” activist group set up shop at the foot of the Route 50 bridge to get their message out.

Passersby on Route 50 at N. Division Street on Tuesday afternoon witnessed three men and one woman wearing white coveralls with a red paint splotch on the crotch symbolizing generations of male children circumcised at birth and called for the abolition of the centuries-old practice. The small group in Ocean City on Tuesday was an extension of a much larger event in Washington D.C. last week marking the 20th anniversary of Genital Integrity Awareness Week. The Ocean City protest on Tuesday also coincided with the 16th anniversary of a ban on female circumcision passed in the U.S. in 1997.

“We’re protesting to end forced genital cutting of male children here in the U.S. and worldwide and bring them into equality with female children,” said Delmarva Area Intactivist Group spokesperson Shelly Wright. “We’re trying to get the word out about circumcision because it shouldn’t be forced on male children. They should have the right to decide that when they are adults and can make decisions on their own.”

Wright was one of four protestors to set up shop at the busy intersection in Ocean City on Tuesday and was joined by three other activists from New Zealand, Texas and Sacramento, Calif., ironically just about under the mileage sign for his own hometown over 3,000 miles away at the western end of Route 50. Wright said the mock blood-stained coveralls were an attempt to force people to face the fact that infant circumcision inflicts permanent physical, psychological and sexual damage on male infants paramount to mutilation.

The protestors held up signs with varied messages including “say no to penis cutting,” and “occupy foreskin,” for example. Wright’s own sign read “For Sale: $431, Infant Foreskin Sold by Hospitals.” She said it is a common practice for hospitals to sell the foreskin removed from circumcised infants, which, she said, is a major ingredient in many high-end anti-aging creams.

Generally, the protestors were met with some cheers, some jeers and more than a few honking horns. The Ocean City Police Department was hanging around close to the scene, but only interceded when one of the protestors briefly stood in the middle of N. Division Street facing oncoming traffic from the  

8 thoughts on “NEW FOR WEDNESDAY: Protesters Draw Attention In Ocean City

  1. I agree with them. His body, His penis, His decision. Just because you are someones parent doesn’t mean you should have the authority to put them though a painful cosmetic procedure. More then 80% of men are left intact as nature intended. It truly is a human rights issue. Cut a man, woman, or female child against their will and go to jail. Cut a baby boy against his will and people throw a party. ROUTINE circ removes around 20,000 nerve endings, glands, mobility, and his rights. I suggest most of you do a little research before you keep believing the cultural lie. Check out and

  2. I already knew about the worldwide controversial subject of forced circumcision onto children, what I did not know that it IS ALREADY banned in many places! I have also researched further into this subject and now know the 16 functions and have decided to keep any future sons intact and whole bodied. For me, the video on Youtube of infant circumcision sealed the deal. Thanks for raising awareness Bloodstained Men!

  3. Bushman> GOOD ONE!!

    Protesters, get a life, if you were cut, it is too late for you, and quit worrying about the unborn. This is a protest looking for an issue, because circumcision is not an issue.

  4. Good for them! How is it that cutting a part off a baby is even justified? Let him make the choice when he is an adult!

  5. “This is a protest looking for an issue, because circumcision is not an issue.”

    It most definitely IS an issue. The non-therapeutic practice of forced infant circumcision is a violation of medical ethics and human rights.

  6. Genital mutilation of children–whether males or females–has no place in 21st century. It must stop. Amputating a healthy highly erogenous part of child’s body should never be another person’s (in this case parents) choice or right.

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