NEW FOR WEDNESDAY: OC Police Break Up Pot Growing Operation


OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man faces numerous drug charges this week after an OCPD narcotics unit raid on his residence Tuesday evening revealed an alleged marijuana growing operation including over 100 plants.

Around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the OCPD Narcotics Unit executed a search and seizure warrant on a residence on Sunset Drive in Ocean City following an investigation into the illegal manufacturing and distribution of marijuana in and around the resort area. During the on-scene investigation, OCPD narcotics detectives discovered 104 individual marijuana plants being grown in the unit.

Investigators were able to identify the primary suspect at the scene as Christopher Scott Smith, 39, of Ocean City. During the investigation, detectives seized various items of evidence including numerous pieces of equipment used in the growing and production of marijuana. Smith was arrested and has been charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Smith was being held by the OCPD pending an initial appearance before a District Court Commissioner.

2 thoughts on “NEW FOR WEDNESDAY: OC Police Break Up Pot Growing Operation

  1. Awe. Give him a break the poor thing! The way i see it is that this man was providing a service. Everyday millions of people with so much pain go through life beating up their liver with narcotics. But there are those who count on people like this man to provide them with a more natural and safer pain relief. seeing how the marijuana is going to be legal in Maryland within a few months i think that this is absolutely ridiculous!

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