Raffle Organized To Help Shore Family


OCEAN CITY — Just over a week remains to get your Baltimore Ravens raffle tickets while at the same time helping a local family cope with rising medical bills.

Keith Dreisbach, 11, suffers from cystic fibrosis that causes a buildup of mucus in his body and results in many other health issues. He was admitted to the hospital once again last week for an infection. One simple infection could end his life, which was originally thought to be a much shorter one. He is also afflicted with autism and is not verbal. He relies on his mother, Jennifer, and the love and help of family and friends to survive.

The Dreisbach family has been coping with rising medical bills, and one major issue is the electric bills incurred by Keith’s breathing machine, which he is attached to every day. The bills can get as high as $1,500 a month.

“We have been working with the electric company as much as possible but between that and other bills there’s not a lot left for Keith,” said Jennifer Driesbach.

Keith is a huge Baltimore Ravens fan, and Crabcake Factory owner John Brooks noticed his plight while online.

“I was on a Ravens message board and saw a post that a sick little boy needed help this Christmas. I looked at his picture and his list of things he wanted and it broke my heart, this little guy deserves a proper Christmas and this family needs a break.”

Brooks immediately contacted Keith’s mother and asked if he could do a fund raiser to help them. Brooks has donated four of his own Ravens season tickets and one year supply of crab cakes from Crabcake Factory USA shipped anywhere for the raffle.

Every single penny collected will go the Dreisbach’s, according to Brooks.

“This isn’t about giving a percentage of sales or anything like that. This is about a very sick child who deserves some happiness,” said Brooks.

Raffle tickets are on sale at both Crabcake Factory locations in Ocean City this weekend. The drawing will take place during the Ravens-Broncos game on Dec 16. You can also purchase tickets online at www.OceanCharity.com.

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