Worcester Authorities Make Large Heron Bust


OCEAN PINES — Two Ocean Pines residents were arrested on heroin distribution and other charges last week after a months-long investigation into the trafficking of the drug in the north end of Worcester resulted in the largest heroin bust in recent history in the county.

Over the last several months, the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team, in partnership with the Ocean City Police Narcotics Unit, has been conducting several joint heroin investigations in the north end of the county. During the course of the investigation, a suspect identified as Leck Lyons, 38, of Ocean Pines, was identified as a source of the heroin being distributed in the north end of Worcester.

As a result, a search and seizure warrant was authored for Lyons’ home in Ocean Pines and his vehicle. Last Friday, Lyons was observed in his vehicle at the intersection of Worcester Highway and Bishopville Rd. near Bishopville. Lyons was in the company of a female passenger later identified as Jayna Lynn Griffith, 27, also of Ocean Pines. The vehicle was stopped and Lyons and Griffith were taken into custody.

Pursuant to the warrant, a search of Lyons’ vehicle resulted in the seizure of 1,678 individually-wrapped bags of heroin along with a little over $2,000 in currency. The individually-wrapped bags of heroin have an estimated street value of $41,940, making it the largest heroin seizure in recent history in Worcester County, according to police reports.

A search and seizure warrant was executed a Lyons’ Ocean Pines residence resulting in the seizure of an additional seven bags of heroin. Lyons and Griffith were transported to the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office at which time they were each charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute-large amount, possession with intent to distribute heroin, possession of heroin and importation of heroin.

Lyons was committed to the Worcester County Jail on a $100,000 bond, while Griffith was committed to the county jail on a $50,000 bond.

The investigation was successful as a result of the combined effort of the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team, Ocean City Police Department Narcotics Unit and D.E.A. Salisbury Post of Duty. During the execution of the search and seizure warrants the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team was assisted by the Ocean City Police Department Narcotics Unit, Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, Ocean Pines Police Department, Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office, A.T.F. and D.E.A. Salisbury Post of Duty.  

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