NEW FOR THURSDAY: 2013 Dew Tour Dates Reserved On OC Calendar


OCEAN CITY — At this week’s Mayor and Council meeting, Private Events Coordinator Lisa Mitchell came before the council to request date holds and the location for the Dew Tour in 2013.

Initially, the date hold was for load in from June 10-19, the event June 20-23, and load out from June 23-29. The location request specified the beach north of the pier to N. Division Street and partial use of the northeast corner of the Inlet lot.

The Dew Tour then provided an addendum to the date hold request to extend the load in to begin on June 6 instead, as well as extend the load out to end on July 1 and enlarge the event footprint for the cablecam towers.

The council voted unanimously to approve the requests.

The events dates from the time of load in, the actual event, and to load out will be taking place during a hectic June schedule that will start off with the Founders Entertainment Beach Concert and a Ravens Parade. The next weekend is the OC Air Show and a Longboard Challenge. The following week will have the Sun Run, Beach Raid, and various events of the Fireman’s Convention.

4 thoughts on “NEW FOR THURSDAY: 2013 Dew Tour Dates Reserved On OC Calendar

  1. Completely agree with the above comment! To move the Dew Tour to June would not only cause local business to lose business in August but would tie up all roadways even worse then they already are in June. When all of the seniors are here, then adding on all the young people that come for Dew Tour. Ocean City will see nothing but chaos.

  2. this sounds like the dumbest move ever….take a great event from august attracting families with money to spend and move it to june when the town is packed with nothing but ding dong senior weekers who are broke and left unsupervised for the first time in thier lives!! great idea!!

  3. Last year i brought my family down in August as i have for the last 20 years.The Dew tour was the highlight of the week for my son and his friends. They even started planing before our vacation was over to come down the same week as the Dew Tour in 2013. it will be a complete disapoitment to him that it is in June this year. To move it to june was a completely idiotic move as I would never come down as well as most other middle aged families during senior week, or month as it seems to be. Looks like a loss of revenue to Ocean City in my opinion.

  4. No one in their right mind would bring their children to OC during the month of June when all the seniors are in town. Obviously the Council does not understand who attends this event. This event is attended by and is for families with children. Certainly not seniors who are all focused on drinking and hooking up. My family was planning a week in OC in August again this year during the DEW Tour, but not anymore. We will be vacationing elsewhere.

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