NEW FOR TUESDAY: Council President Files For Re-Election


OCEAN CITY — Council President Jim Hall marks his 25th year as an elected official in Ocean City this year, and he officially confirmed on Monday he is looking to extend his tenure.

Jim Hall, council president since 2010, filed yesterday for another term at City Hall, bringing the total number of City Council candidates to nine. Along with Jim Hall, vying for four open council seats in the Nov. 6 election are incumbents Doug Cymek, Joe Hall and Mary Knight as well as Bob Baker, Sean Rox, John Franklin Adkins, Joe Mitrecic and Dennis Dare.

“I’m not finished yet, that’s why I’m running,” Jim Hall said today in an interview. “This election is all about personalities, but I really think it needs to be about the wallet and continuing the city on the course we have laid out over the last two years — being conservative and watching our spending.”

More of the interview can be viewed later this week, including his reasons for the “administration change” that took place in September of 2011 and why he takes responsibility for the confusion and concerns sparked by the move.

“I am to blame for how that went down and I should have expressed the reasons for the change better at that time. I said a change in management direction, but there was more to it, and I should have been more clear about it at that time,” he said.

7 thoughts on “NEW FOR TUESDAY: Council President Files For Re-Election

  1. Mr. Hall; you should have sat this one out. Your arrogance and lack of leadership the last two years will cause your political demise. Your “I have the votes, therefore I have the power” attitude, and your total lack of respect for your colleagues in the “minority” must end on Nov. 6th.

  2. Jim was a great councilman his first 20 some years in office. Not sure what has happened the last couple. He and the mayor used to be on the same side. It will be interesting to see what happens in November.

  3. Mr. Hall, based on my several unsuccessful attempts to contact you, via email and telephone, you demonstrated the total disdain in which you hold your constituents. As a non-resident property owner I would vote for your opponent simply based on your arrogant attitude..

  4. As Mr. Hall said last fall during the Citizens Rally at the Clarion “I have been here 24 years maybe it is time for me to go”. Well you were right then and the voters will undoubtedly accomodate you on November 6th. Mr. Hall you picked the wrong side to be on and those other three have tainted you! You should have passed on filing if you really wanted the county commissioners position like you said. Now if the voters get rid of you in November it is unlikely that you will be electable in two years! Of by the way, I hear you have been living up to your reputation outside of City Hall. Shame, Shame, Shame!

  5. I hoped that you were not going to make OC vote you out. You messed up the best thing that came to OC and that’s Dennis Dare. He was doing a great job and the town did not save any money loosing him. He was committed to the public good and doing right by the town. He was replaced by someone that swore allegiance to their former town and left 2 weeks later. I have no faith in Jim Hall and I hope he gets voted out of office.

  6. Mr. Hall, how do you consider yourself conservative and watching your spending, when you spend $100,000 of taxpayer funds on a movie that involves a disrespectful individual like Susan Sarandon. She called the Pope a Nazi. She wants to free a cop killer and she says she is under surveillance by the government. You also need to explain to the citizens of Ocean City how you accomplished making this payment, since it is prohibited by state law and Ocean City’s investment policy. Show the citizens the grant document that was never presented at an open meeting that was created to circumvent state law. Let them decide if this is how they want their government to operate.

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