Rox Hoping Third Time’s A Charm For Council Run


OCEAN CITY – City Council candidate Sean Rox is looking to enhance Ocean City with a cleaner economy and enhanced sustainable energy.

Rox, 39, has made smoke-free beaches his top priority in this year’s municipal election. He walks the Ocean City beach daily during the peak season and noticed that cigarette litter is trending in the wrong direction and believes a smoking ban would reduce second-hand smoke, protect the environment and increase family tourism.  

“My wife and I spent years working on cruise ships. The only ships that ever had a waiting list were the non-smoking vessels,” Rox said. “Locally, we see the success of smoke-free Delaware beaches.”

Rox furthered that Bethany Beach instituted a smoking ban on the beach in 2008. According to, Bethany Beach home values have flourished since the change, rising over 10.2 percent from 2011 to 2012.

“The beach is our number one investment. We must protect our assets and our family friendly reputation,” Rox said.

Consistent with his prior campaigns in 2008 and 2010, Rox endorses an eco-friendly tourism platform that can generate long-term savings for taxpayers. On his travels, he has noticed a global pattern of white rooftops and roads to save energy.  

“In the hot summer months, white roofs reflect the sun’s rays and can save up to 40 percent on electricity costs,” Rox said. “White roads reflect light and are easily illuminated using fewer street lamps. This reduces energy costs and increases road safety at night. It also reduces pedestrian and bicycle fatalities. These are practical energy saving measures that I’d like to see gradually implemented over the next decade.”   

Rox would like to see an increase in wind and solar energy production and overhead power lines to be moved underground as well as an online town database service capable of processing all online forms, payments and licenses. This would reduce paper and mailing costs. It would shrink time spent on menial tasks and minimize human error.  

“Investing in technology is imperative,” Rox said. “The money and time we’d save by going paperless could subsidize a raise for our town employees or give our residents a tax break.”

Originally from Ellicott City, Rox has worked in Ocean City since 1994. He met his wife, Cassandra, while working overseas in 2001. They own a wedding and event business that heavily promotes Ocean City tourism and produces the Ocean City Bridal Show. They received Ocean City University PHDs in 2009. They also sponsor and coach youth basketball at Northside Park.  

Rox currently sits on the Noise Board, is active in the Chamber of Commerce, is a Worcester County Election Judge, a high school sports official and served as an Ocean City volunteer firefighter from 2007 to 2011. He studied Business/Finance & Criminal Justice at Mount St. Mary’s College. Working in international tourism helped him visit 45 countries on six continents.

“I’ll take the best ideas the world has to offer and bring them home to Ocean City,” Rox said.

This will be Rox’s third attempt to win a council seat.

“I made plenty of mistakes my first two tries, but that’s part of the learning curve,” he said. “In 2010, the political sign pollution compromised Ocean City’s natural beauty. I’ve always run a positive, litter free campaign and will not resort to negative ads. If I finally get elected, I want to be proud that I ran an honorable race. I’ve learned a lot from seasoned candidates and I’m ready to bring fresh ideas and healthy energy to City Hall.”

3 thoughts on “Rox Hoping Third Time’s A Charm For Council Run

  1. Have been a property owner in OC for 15+ years..I have never left a “butt” on the beach nor smoked anywhere that may offend someone.. Smoke free OC means “goodbye OC” along with my tax dollars and local $$$$ support..

  2. Good luck Sean! You certainly have put in your time. God Bless and Live Life Large the Ocean City Way! Joe Hall Look ahead to sitting with you on the Council!

  3. Sean it’s time to give it up. You have good intentions, but stop wasting your time. It’s not worth it.

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