Ocean City To Being Using Automated Information Service

OCEAN CITY — In an effort to keep citizens better informed, the Town of Ocean City is providing a new service, known as GovDelivery, to disseminate timely, accurate and essential information.

Used by over 450 government agencies, GovDelivery is an automated system that uses email, text messaging, RSS and social media to notify citizens about specific topics of interest.

“GovDelivery will dramatically increase the number of people that the Town of Ocean City can reach directly,” said City Manager David Recor. “Not only will this program streamline communication, but more importantly, it will improve communication with our residents, businesses owners and visitors.”

In addition to city-wide alerts, citizens can choose to subscribe to a number of Town of Ocean City topics, including government related news, tourism updates and recreation and parks programs and special events.

The service, which is free for citizens, also allows users to create a profile in which they can create and change their preferences at any time.

For more information, or to subscribe to GovDelivery, visit the “City Wide Alerts” tab on the Town of Ocean City’s website at http://oceancitymd.gov.

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