Movie Production Seeks Memorabilia

OCEAN CITY — The production staff for “Ping Pong Summer,” an independent movie which will begin shooting in the Ocean City area this fall, is looking for items to be featured in the film.

The items, which include games, toys, clothing and Ocean City memorabilia, will be used by the property and art department for the feature film.

The items, all of which are requested to be from 1975-1985, includes Ping Pong tables, paddles and balls; arcade video games, arcade pinball and arcade signs; concession stand items, including signs, appliances and display counter; cotton candy machine; home goods, including magazines, furniture and house hold appliances; Ocean City memorabilia; toys and games; bicycles; men, women’s and children’s clothing from 1983-1986; a red Iroc convertible from 1980-1985; a white Volkswagen cabriolet convertible from 1980-1985; Maryland State Police car from 1980-1985; a Jeep soft top from 1980-1985; and red Pontiac Fiero from 1980-1985.

If you are in possession of any of the items requested, or have anything that “screams 80’s” and would like it to be featured in the film, contact

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