Casino’s June Revenue Up 16%

BERLIN — The June figures for Maryland’s three operating casinos were released this week, revealing a substantial jump in the gross revenues generated by Ocean Downs over June 2011, but the biggest splash was made by the new Maryland Live! Casino in Anne Arundel County, which generated more than $1 million a day during its first month.

The Casino at Ocean Downs last month generated gross revenues totaling $4.4 million, up 16 percent from June 2011, which produced $3.8 million. The gross revenue figure for Ocean Downs for last month was over $607,000 more than June 2011. Ocean Downs also generated $4.4 million in May of this year, at the time the fourth highest month in the Berlin facility’s young history, representing an increase of 21 percent over May 2011.

The gross gaming revenue per machine per day at Ocean Downs in June was $183.15, up from the $168.35 per machine per day figure generated in June 2011. However, it’s important to note Ocean Downs added 50 new machines last summer, bringing its total to 800. In May of this year, the average gross gaming revenue per machine per day came in at $179.87.

While Ocean Downs continued its positive trend, the Hollywood Casino in Cecil County saw its numbers decline for the first time over in June. The Cecil County facility generated $7.9 million in June, representing a decline of $864,000-plus, or about 10 percent, from June 2011. The Cecil County facility likely suffered somewhat from the opening of the new Maryland Live! Casino at Arundel Mills in Anne Arundel County, the new 800-pound gorilla on the state’s casino landscape.

The new casino in Anne Arundel, which officially opened for business on June 6, generated $28.4 million in its first month in essentially three weeks. In just 24 days, the Anne Arundel County casino grossed over $1 million per day. The facility’s 3,100 machines generated an average of $359 per machine per day in its first 24 days.

2 thoughts on “Casino’s June Revenue Up 16%

  1. went to live racing sunday night the place was crowded how can there only be racing 4 days aweek this place has more people watching cheap horses race then any place i have ever been too raise the purses and have more race days and the will make a ton more money

  2. Slowly harnessbuddy, slowly!

    As you know, harness racing in our parts (MD/DE/NJ/NY and now even in SE VA at Colonial Downs) is very historic – not only from a people coming out to watch aspect but from the industry of families tied into this wonderful sport. I too remember from the late 60’s until even today the attraction of Ocean Downs to many experienced and unexperienced patrons.

    If all the inside talk is true in the next several years we all should benefit from additional dates during the summer months. IMO a firm future commit from Rick to re-establish the horse “stables” environment – will assist in everyone benefitting. The business model is there, implementing that model will come soon enough and that darling who always has that local TV Harness Racing show from Harrington will be coming more and more to Ocean DOWNS!! Thursday morning overcast over Assawoman Bay is still a beautiful morning! ~BUSHMAN!~

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