OC Open Container Law Changes

OCEAN CITY — Police Chief Bernadette DiPino’s suggestion to return the city’s open container law to a criminal violation instead of a civil infraction was approved unanimously by the City Council this week with no discussion.

In 2008, the Police Commission voted to change the open container law from arrestable, or criminal, violation, to a non-arrestable offense, which is a civil infraction.

This week’s change would return the open container violation to fall under the town’s code as unlawful to possess or consume alcoholic beverages “on any public street, highway, alley, sidewalk, parking lot, boardwalk, or public beach” within the town limits, versus a civil infraction where an open container violation would rule out the potential for arrest and allow people the option to pay a fine in lieu of appearing in court.

2 thoughts on “OC Open Container Law Changes

  1. NO harm NO foul – unless the goal was to simply generate additional revenue! If that is the case – shame on City HALL again. Very simple economics: when times are tough, decrease spending! Too bad with all levels of gov’t (city/county/state/fed) no one understands that simple economic fact. Getting ready for Week 2 of Junebugfest 2012! ~BUSHMAN~!

  2. The real goal here is to improve ARREST RECORDS of the police officers. They have been down since the change to a citation and need to be improved, what a simple way to do that. Let’s jam up the courts again with these simple violations and make criminals out of these really bad people!!

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