New OC Beach Ministry Formed

OCEAN CITY — Beginning Monday, June 11, an exciting new beach ministry will begin at 38th Street in Ocean City at 6:15 pm.

This inter-denominational ministry is open to the public and families are encouraged to attend with children of all ages. There will be live music, followed by a short devotion. Then, attendees are invited to hang out together, surf and play on the beach.

Many years ago, Michelle Sommers of Sommers Surf Lessons, was part of such a beach ministry in Ocean City.

"I met many wonderful friends through this ministry, while deepening my own personal faith," she said.

Recognizing a need for this type of outreach, Sommers and Colby Nelson-Kauffman of the Ocean City Beach Patrol decided it was time to launch a similar ministry.

Both mothers love the ocean almost as much as they love their families and the Lord.

"The beach is a great place to spread the word of God because looking at the ocean, there’s no denying the blessings that God has given each of us." said Sommers. "I’ve seen the positive influence that surfing and other beach activities can give to people. We will provide an atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable, regardless of their age, background, or denomination." 

Organizers are also looking for people to help share their stories of faith or give a message. For more information about the new ministry, contact Sommers at 410-251-8583 or Nelson-Kauffman at 410-251-3500.

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