BREAKING NEWS: OC Council Decides On City Manager


OCEAN CITY — Although the individual’s identity has not been confirmed officially, the City Council voted 4-3 in closed session this afternoon to move forward with negotiations for the next city manager.

The council went into closed session at 11:30 a.m. today and returned 90 minutes to report the results of the meeting. The council will now continue the process, which includes salary negotiations and a time table for the individual.

The 4-3 vote fell on majority-minority lines with Brent Ashley, Jim Hall, Joe Hall and Margaret Pillas in favor of hiring David Recor, current city manager for Ft. Pierce, Fla., while Doug Cymek, Mary Knight and Lloyd Martin opposed.

Last week, Councilman Joe Hall confirmed he had a 13-minute conversation on April 11 with his “front runner” in the process. According to the cell records obtained by The Dispatch, the cell phone number he called belonged to Recor, who has been with Ft. Pierce since 2005 and has 22 years of government experience.

Recor was reportedly chosen over another finalist, whose identity is not known because no elected official contacted that candidate.

Recor’s annual salary with Ft. Pierce is $133,640. He works on an annual contract, which renews itself each year. Recor must give 90 days’ notice, according to his contract.

To learn more about Recor, search his name at

The Dispatch will have more on this story in the days to come.

9 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: OC Council Decides On City Manager

  1. “another finalist, whose identity is not known because no elected official contacted that candidate.”

  2. Thank you Dispatch for the link! The comments written about him make him sound like a real “winner”. Just think, by the time he gets here, starts his job, it will be election time and the new council (Majority) will probably fire him in his first month. What a future.

  3. THANK GOD HE’S GOING THERE! And by the way, he lied to the citizens of Fort Pierce last week when he stated he withdrew on March 6, 2012 from the pool of candidates in Ocean City. I wonder if we can get back our $6,000 that we paid him to attend City Management School in February?

  4. I know what Rick Mehann is singing while sitting on the bench, Clowns to the left of me and Jokers to my right, I’m stuck in the middle with you !!

  5. Where did the idea originate to hire a company to narrow down the finalists? That’s where the anger should be directed.
    This idea seems to have been bad in retrospect even seems this company may be a bit fly by night.
    It’s nonsense that town officials would allow only 2 finalists to choose from. There surely are more people who would have interviewed for this that maybe all the council would have loved. Maybe even some already in town or around town people who don’t carry baggage around with them.

  6. Reminds me if at first you don’t succeed, try..try..try..try..try..try..try..try..try and try again.

    Definition of insanity is when one or a MAJORITY (our new dance group “The Fantastic 4″) continues to do things exactly the same thinking a different outcome will transpire.

    Nothing surprising here – and just think Batman’s Summer of 2012 is just beginning!!!!!

    Big Sigh from Assawoman Bay ~BUSHMAN!

  7. The new manager’s first action will be to post pictures of Joe Hall on all the Town’s buses. People need to know just who runs the town.

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