Eastern Shore Postal Facility To Remain Open

BERLIN — One week after battling for amendments to a proposed bill that included the closure of the U.S. Postal Service mail processing facility in Easton, which serves the entire Eastern Shore, Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin this week received assurances the facility will remain open.

On Tuesday, Mikulski and Cardin announced their advocacy to protect mail delivery service standards in the U.S. Senate’s 21st Century Postal Reform Act has led to changes in the bill that will assure Maryland mail processing facilities, including the somewhat controversial facility in Easton, will not be closed as anticipated. Mikulski and Cardin on Tuesday received a letter from Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe outlining the facilities that would remain open, including the Easton facility.

“I am pleased that the Postmaster General has agreed that the Easton processing facility is critical to the efficient delivery of mail in our state and that it will remain open,” said Cardin. “The Easton processing facility provides important jobs in the community and is critical to the prompt delivery of mail in the eastern region of our state.”

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