Legion To Honor Vietnam War Vets

OCEAN CITY — The American Legion Post 166 in Ocean City next week will honor Vietnam War veterans on the 39th anniversary of the date in 1973 when the last U.S. troops were withdrawn from the conflict.

On March 29, 1973, the last 2,500 U.S. troops were withdrawn from South Vietnam, thus ending the longest war in the nation’s history. A year later, March 29 was declared Vietnam Veterans Day by presidential order with the support of Congress. Currently, legislation designating March 29 as National Vietnam Veterans Day is making its way through Congress.

If approved, the National Vietnam Veterans Day will serve as reminder of the 58,195 honorable and brave souls who fought and died during the war, along with veterans who are still missing or have since died from the consequences of the war. Next week, on March 29, American Legion Post 166 in Ocean City will “open its home” to veterans of the Vietnam era from noon to 3 p.m.

“The members of Post 166 want to welcome home the Vietnam veterans,” said Post 166 Commander Sarge Garlitz. “The Vietnam era veterans from the Eastern Shore as well as those visiting the area are welcome to stop by the Post home. It is your day and we want to feel part of it with you.”

One thought on “Legion To Honor Vietnam War Vets

  1. Thank God we have people that understand it’s the 29th not like a– backward OHIO which saids it’s the 30th,I started in 2008 with Senator Mark Wagoner still jumping threw HOOPS (Great Job) Jim Rosin Mobile Riverine Support Mekong Delta 68-69/69-70 U.S.N.

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