Easton Mail Center Closure Decried

BERLIN — Maryland Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin last week sent a strongly worded letter to Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe expressing their outrage over the “total disregard for a transparent and public process for consideration of the closure and consolidation of the Easton mail processing center to the Hares Corner mail processing center in Wilmington, Delaware.”

Mikulski and Cardin were particularly outraged that the study to evaluate a possible closure of Easton and shift of function to Delaware has begun with no written notification to the senators.

“We write to demand a public process,” the letter reads. “Our constituents have a right to be heard. The half a million residents who live on the Eastern Shore and rely on the mail service must have a voice in this process. These residents include farmers, small businesses and a significant rural and elderly population that relies heavily on mail delivery for life saving medications, daily newspapers, and important business documents.”

The Easton g center is the only mail processing center on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and its ongoing operation is critically important to the economy of the shore.

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