February Casino Figures Up From Year Ago

BERLIN — The February figures for the Casino at Ocean Downs were released last week, revealing an increase over the prior month and an increase in revenue from the same month in 2011.

The Casino at Ocean Downs generated just over $3.5 million in February, up slightly from the $3.1 million generated in January. Last February, the second month of its existence, the casino generated $3.1 million. The casino’s average daily gross per machine also increased to $152.02 in February, up from the $126.34 recorded in January.

Despite the modest increase, the monthly figures for the casino have been remarkably consistent. With the exception of a couple months in the height of the season, including a spike to $5.3 million last July, the casino has averaged in the $3 million to $3.5 million range for much of its existence. The fiscal year-to-date figure, dating back to last July, now stands at around $31.2 million.

A look at the breakdown of the revenue distribution for February reveals $1.7 million to the Education Trust Fund, a $1.16 million casino share, $246,879 to the horseracing purse account and $193,976 in local impact grants.

One thought on “February Casino Figures Up From Year Ago

  1. If you build it…they WILL come. How is the revenue generated from the VFW, Elks, American Legion, et al doing for the local community? Just wondering since table games at Ocean Downs isnt far away. GREAT weekend for St. Patties Day! ~BUSHMAN!

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