Roof Deck Okayed For OC Restaurant

OCEAN CITY — BJ’s on the Water plans to build a roof deck to add dining area to the restaurant’s bay front.

At last week’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, Zoning Administrator Blaine Smith explained that the footprint of the alteration will not expand the existing footprint of the building. The second floor will include a flat roof over a dining area and glass railing to take advantage of the bay view. There will be a stair tower connecting the first and second floor as well as an added service bar and restrooms to the roof deck. The aesthetics of the addition will be kept consistent with the existing restaurant.

The commission expressed concern of how the roof deck’s lighting will reflect on neighboring properties.

“As part of the design review, the surrounding neighborhoods need to be evaluated in how the alteration will keep with the neighborhood,” Smith said.

The proposed lighting is to be directed downward and low profile so that it will light only the immediate area.

“It won’t’ reflect above the deck just on the dining area itself,” Smith said.

Commission member Peck Miller said the lights will have to be shielded on the bay side so they are not in the vision of south facing properties.

“I will do what I need to do as far as lighting is concerned … I have a great relationship with every neighbor around me,” BJ’s owner Madlyn Carder said.  “The last thing I want to do is have a problem with my neighbors.”

Commission member Lauren Taylor pointed out that with the roof deck the building will remain in conformance with parking and all other standards and set the motion to move forward with the site plan under the condition BJ’s works with the town in the use of lighting. The commission voted unanimously to approve the site plan.

“I think it is a great addition to Ocean City,” Miller said. “I think it fits in with the environment and the neighborhood, and I think it is well thought out.”

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