Oyster Rebound Continues

BERLIN — State officials this week announced another landmark in Maryland’s ongoing efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay’s native oyster population after the latest survey showed the highest survival rate in nearly three decades.

Governor Martin O’Malley this week released the results of Maryland’s 2011 Fall Oyster Survey show the highest survival rate for oysters since 1985.  The 92 percent survival rate, or the percentage of oysters found alive in a sample, builds upon last year’s strong spat set (number of baby oysters), which was the highest since 1997.

“Although our fight to restore a thriving oyster population to the Chesapeake Bay is far from over, our continued commitment to renewing this iconic species has begun to pay off,” said O’Malley. “Through balanced investments in aquaculture, sanctuaries, stewardship and enforcement, our native oyster is coming back. Together, we can continue to create jobs and support our local economies while returning our native oyster to healthy, sustainable levels.”

One thought on “Oyster Rebound Continues

  1. if you believe o’malley and this report, then think about the statement: “will you love me and respect me in the morning.”

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