Councilman Seeks Official OC Song

OCEAN CITY — In an era when nearly every town, building or sports event has an “official” something or other, Ocean City could soon have its own song if one councilman’s idea gets any traction.

Just one week after Ocean City approved Coca-Cola as the new official soft drink of the resort, Councilman Joe Hall at the end of Monday’s regular council meeting pitched the idea of finding an “official song” for the resort. Hall said the idea was inspired by a song entitled “It’s a Shore Thing,” written and performed by local musician and songwriter Tim Landers, which extols nearly all of the virtues of the resort in a catchy three-minute ditty.

Hall told his colleagues Ocean City should consider holding a contest for writing and producing songs about the resort. He also suggested a wide variety of entries could be pared down to a smaller subset, which could then be presented on the town’s website or through its various organizations or social media with the intent of eventually choosing an official song that could be used in the resort’s marketing program.

“I think it would be a neat thing for the town to create a contest and allow the musical talent we have here to create an official Ocean City song,” he said. “We could have a panel narrow it down to 10 or so, and then let the public weigh in on it.”

Joe Hall’s idea at first was quickly dismissed by Council President Jim Hall, who said the elected officials have many more weighty issues to resolve.

“Seriously Joe, we have so much to work on already and we have to work on the budget first and foremost,” he said. “We can’t take on anything else and we already have too much on our plate. If you want to run with this idea, that’s up to you.”

Joe Hall did not back down from the premise, but told his colleagues on the council the idea was too much for one elected official to tackle.

“I can’t do that on my own,” he said. “It’s not the kind of thing a single councilman can do.”

However, not all of the elected officials were quick to dismiss the idea.

“I don’t think he’s too far off with this,” said Mayor Rick Meehan. “Let me run it by [town advertising agency] MGH and see if there is any merit to this.”

Councilman Brent Ashley agreed the idea deserved at least some consideration.

“Sometimes, we’re too quick to shoot down promotional ideas,” he said. “I think it behooves us to keep an open mind.”

Councilwoman Margaret Pillas said the task could be delegated to staff.

“I don’t think it has to be a burden for the council,” she said. “There is nothing wrong with Ocean City having an official song. Maybe we can work with the TAB. That’s what they do.”

37 thoughts on “Councilman Seeks Official OC Song

  1. Having spent many a vacation in Ocean City, I think it’s a great idea to extol the virtues of Ocean City. . . especially in the lyrics of a memorable song.

  2. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the pursuit of happiness and just be happy. I saw Mr. Landers tune It’s A Shore Thing on Youtube. It immediately dismissed my hectic attitude and took me to the happiness of times in Ocean City. Perhaps Jim Hall needs a break from the pursuit of enjoying OC, watch the song and just enjoy being in OC. An Officail OC song is a splendid idea and Tim Landers song is the perfect choice.

  3. OC has its business side and its
    fun side. Have to work both to be successful. One can not exist without the other. Sing away.

  4. Another terrific idea to promote Ocean City. As P.T.Barnum once said, Without promotion something terrible happens….nothing.

  5. I’m originally from NE PA and when I first heard this song on youtube, all I could think about was planning my next vacation in OCMD. Now all my friends back home are listening to it and thinking the same way. Great song by Tim Landers and a great idea by Joe Hall…worked for me & my friends….

  6. Love…Love …love the song….brings back tons of memories…sent it to tons of popel who loved it… It should be OC’s song…..

  7. It would be great to have Tim’s song a great idea. Another one of his songs is Chesapeake Heaven, a great tune.

  8. Tim’s already written Ocean City’s “theme” song…complete with an awesome video (and wasn’t inspired by a contest to do so). The “powers that be” just need to make it official! It’s THAT simple!!

  9. As an OC native, I LOVE “It’s a Shore Thing” and think it should be the official song if there is one. My young grandson and I sing it together all the time and think about the beach fun and the Trimper’s Rides fun we have when we visit. It always makes us happy when one of us suddenly starts singing it and the other joins in!

  10. I love Tim’s song. I was born and raised in OC and his song brings back so many wonderful memories. At least let his song be the “OC” song until you all figure out what you want to do. Thanks Alan C Bradford

  11. Great idea but a terrible approach. If a man has come up with a song about Ocean City called a “Shore Thing” which I have heard, there is nothing to do but accept it as the OC song. Doing anything else is typical of a politician to make it his idea.

  12. Looking for the best way to promote Ocean City, Maryland?
    Does the council know that in the short time of mid December to now, Tim Landers song (Which according to youtube is performed by Landers, Heinz & Pic) has received almost 27,000 hits on youtube and is being played on radio stations across the country as well as England and Russia? Do you really need a contest???????

  13. I was born & raised in Ocean City and I love Tim Landers “It’s a Shore Thing”. It has a catchy tune and would make a great theme song for OC

  14. Love this song! Being from MD, I can think of no better tribute to The Land of Pleasant Living than to name this song the official song of Ocean City. I also agree with Gerry Steen…Chesapeake Heaven is another awesome one to consider.

  15. As a lifetime Ocean City lover, and now a property owner in OC, I think it would be great for “It’s A Shore Thing” to be our official song

  16. As a vacationer to OC and a former resident of MD, I strongly urge you to vote Tim’s song, “It’s a shore thing” as the “official” song of OC. Excellent summary in 3 minutes of time at the ocean. A perfect choice!

  17. Hi! I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but raised out-of-state most of my life. When I think about my childhood, memories of spending time in Ocean City, Maryland, with my family are forefront in my mind. Tim Lander’s song, “It’s a Shore Thing”, totally encompasses summer life on the boardwalk! It brings back so many pleasurable memories. I will definitely be visiting Ocean City this summer!!!!

  18. Tells the Whole Story. What a Great Pitch for the Ocean City, Maryland story. I listened to the song and could almost feel the Ocean Breeze. Can’t wait to go “down to the Ocean” again.

  19. When I hear the song it’s a shore thing puts me right in OC. Your search is over before it begins can’t get better than that…Tim’s song and OC just simply go together

  20. This song is awesome, no need to have a contest to find the perfect song ‘It’s a Shore Thing’ is already the perfect song. When you have a diamond dropped in your lap do you really need to go searching for a better one??? Just accept it!

  21. I grew up in Anne Arundel County so naturally O.C. was my yearly vacation spot. Tim Lander’s song encompasses all of the fun things I rembember about O.C. and more. He has also been entertaining folks around O.C. for over 30 years. Another significant factor in song choice is that Tim is well known by so many people.

  22. Listening to “It’s a Shore Thing” brings back so many good memories and while listening, my husband wanted to go and pack the suitcase. Great song, great promotional lyrics and it has our vote.

  23. Perfect! Love the song, it makes me wanna go to the boardwalk. A perfect Ocean City theme song.

  24. I am a Baltimore native and
    frequent visitor to Ocean City and the Tim Landers song It’s A Shore Thing truly reflects a local sentiment about all things Maryland. It speaks well of our state.

  25. Mr. Tim and his music are staples of our Ocean City vacations and have been since I was a little girl. Some of my fondest childhood memories are singing American Pie with him even if I was so young I only knew the chorus. Tim Landers is Ocean City. No vote needed!

  26. I give a positive vote for “It’s a Shore Thing”; always liked Tom Landers music. ‘

  27. This song is very captivating to promote the ambiance and all that Ocean City offers to its visitors and local inhabitants.

  28. Tim Landers already wrote the song and it is awesome, just adopt it. Know one has spent more time playing OC than Tim Landers and his passion for our town comes to life in his song. Great job Tim.

  29. I see no need for a contest. Tim’s song is great and it’s ready to go. Start advertising with his song until { if ever} something better comes along.

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