Democratic Women’s Club Held Its Annual Capture The Flag Card Game


The Democratic Women’s Club held its annual "Capture the Flag" card game with refreshments and prizes at the Ocean Pines Country Club Oct. 2. Shown with a basket of wines is prize winner, Don Ward. Also pictured are, from left, Millie Ward, Dell Purrell, President Diana Gross and Vice President Marge SeBour.

One thought on “Democratic Women’s Club Held Its Annual Capture The Flag Card Game

  1. I haven’t seen a word about how to get dem wmn to vote, or a bumper sticker or anything. Voter turnout in 21842 today is very light. I’ve spoken w/Democrats today who said there was no need to vote, because “we have our candidate”! I said you need to vote for congress’l reps. Please give me a list of Dem Women I can call to get out the vote. They told me at the polling place that Republicans are ahead. I have been in OC 12 years and have heard nothing from WoCo Dems, still don’t know how to contact them, and the national site contains no links or info, except to say we need to do something. Please help me help you and all Dems. Thank you.

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