NEW: Council Majority Defends Decision To Remove Dare

OCEAN CITY — At this week’s Mayor and Council meeting before a room full of citizens still reeling over this month’s removal of former City Manager Dennis Dare, the four council members who sought his termination explained their reasons.

See The Dispatch on Friday for full story, including reactions from citizens and elected officials, but here’s a look at some of their comments.

“I lost my confidence in Dennis. There was not a straw that broke the camel’s back … it’s been a combination over my years of dealing with Dennis. … I didn’t feel that I was given all the information in a timely manner.”

Council President Jim Hall

“I really felt that it was my city manager’s responsibility towards me to make sure that I did understand and I did get the information that I needed so I lost my confidence in Dennis.”

Councilwoman Margaret Pillas

“I had this conversation with Dennis … and shared with him how I think Ocean City’s municipal government should run and the answer I got from Dennis was clearly ‘I just don’t agree with you’. At that time, my understanding of Dennis was that he wasn’t able to continue to implement the policies of the majority vote therefore I voted for the change in city manager.”

Councilman Joe Hall

“I think my colleagues have pretty much covered it. I have had my own experiences in the past 11 months.”

Councilman Brent Ashley

One thought on “NEW: Council Majority Defends Decision To Remove Dare

  1. The “new direction” is just about control and power for the majority council. Now that Mr. Dare has been removed the majority council can now appoint a new city manager and thus weld more power and control over all city employees. Ergo, more heads will roll without due process or any other normal business practice. It may be legal but it is an abuse of power.

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