The Globe To Host Multimedia Maritime Presentation

BERLIN – Renowned musician and photographer John Mock will present his unique multimedia maritime concert presentation “From The Shoreline” at The Globe in Berlin on Monday, Aug. 8 at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $20 and include seat and show. Guests may purchase dinner and drinks and may take their seats any time after 5 p.m. Visit for reservations or call 410-641-0784.

Mock is an artist and the sea and its coasts are his muse. From New England to Chincoteague to Ireland, the Atlantic’s beautiful coastline and quaint villages, its wooden boats and whitewashed lighthouses, continue to inspire and inform Mock’s art. He captures in music and in photographs the heritage of the sea.  He shares this heritage with audiences everywhere through his elegant and unique concert presentation From the Shoreline, where he performs original instrumental compositions on the guitar, concertina and tin whistle.

Mock’s own photography is projected onto a screen behind him, and his casual narration and storytelling tie it all together.

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Director of Education Robert Forloney said that, "John’s process of tying photographs of unique places along with original music is simply phenomenal. Through sound and image, he is able to create encompassing atmospheres that capture these special landscapes and stories. Whatever your age may be, a concert of John’s is a wonderful experience."  

Mock’s CDs The Day At Sea and The Keeper’s Companion can be found in many of America’s maritime museum shops and his concerts have been presented at a diverse array of venues including the keeper’s house at Atlantic City’s Absecon Light, the famed Guthrie Center in Massachusetts, and museums and performing arts series on both coasts.  

Mock is excited to return for his second performance at The Globe, which he says is laid out perfectly for his type of show.

“It’s perfect for what I do. It’s a nice atmosphere that’s set up so well already,” Mock said. “The people are at their tables and it allows them to just relax and see and hear the story and look at the photos behind me. It’s casual and great for this kind of a show. I enjoyed it so much the first time and really look forward to next week’s show.”

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