WOC Man Again Charged With Trying To Run Over Person

WEST OCEAN CITY — A local man with an apparent penchant for attempting to run over people with a vehicle was allegedly up to his old tricks this week when he nearly drove over another man during a drug deal in West Ocean City.

Around 2:10 a.m. on Monday, Maryland State Police (MSP) responded to a 911 call reporting a suspect that had hit two parked cars at the Lake Haven Trailer Park on Gray’s Corner Rd. MSP troopers learned through the investigation a suspect, later identified as Alan Phillip Flynn, 32, of West Ocean City, got into an altercation with the victim.

According to police reports, Flynn then began ramming cars in an attempt to run over the victim. Flynn was located a short time later at his West Ocean City residence. When MSP troopers and an assisting Worcester County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to take Flynn into custody, he allegedly resisted arrest before being detained.

Flynn was charged with first- and second-degree assault, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment and malicious destruction of property. There were no injuries to the victim or police officers during the incident. Flynn later told police the altercation began when he attempted to purchase crack cocaine from the victim.

For Flynn, Monday’s alleged incident came on the heels of a similar incident in November during which he allegedly plowed his vehicle into a pedestrian in front of a downtown bar before striking a tree and fleeing the scene.

Around 9 p.m. last Nov. 21, Ocean City police responded to Pickles Pub on 8th Street and Philadelphia Ave. for a reported hit-and-run collision involving a pedestrian with injuries. Ocean City police officers determined the suspect, later Flynn, allegedly became intoxicated in the pub and was asked by the establishment’s management to leave the premises.

According to police reports, while Flynn was leaving, he allegedly spat on a bar employee and another individual. The bar employee and the other individual followed Flynn outside where Flynn got into a vehicle parked across the street. At that point, Flynn intentionally drove his vehicle toward the two individuals, striking one of them. The vehicle also hit a tree before Flynn fled the area, according to police reports.

The OCPD broadcast a description of Flynn and the vehicle, which was found a short time later unoccupied in West Ocean City by a Worcester County Sheriff’s deputy. While OCPD officers were still back at Pickles Pub conducting witness and victim statements about the alleged hit-and-run incident that had just occurred, Flynn returned to the scene in a taxicab.

When Flynn saw the police gathered at the establishment, he attempted to flee the scene in a taxi, but the cab stopped about a half a block away. Flynn then jumped out of the cab and attempted to flee on foot. After a short pursuit, Flynn attempted to hide in a crawl space under an apartment building on 8th Street. With the assistance of the Maryland State Police and the Berlin Police K-9 officers, OCPD officers were able to get Flynn to come out from under the building and he surrendered.

The victim was transported to AGH for treatment of injuries not believed to be life threatening and was later released.

Flynn was charged with 17 total counts including first- and second-degree assault along with numerous traffic-related charges. He was set to be arraigned on those charges on Wednesday, just two days before his latest apparent incident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian.

2 thoughts on “WOC Man Again Charged With Trying To Run Over Person

    • Too bad they cant even get a fraction of the story correct. THey really dont have anything to do in that town during the winter. I dont know where the “crack” part came from, but why in the hell would I admit that, if that was the case. They dont tell you that I was attacked, and had my window kicked in. I tried to NOT hit that asshole, and struck someones car while swurving to miss him.
      as far as the previous charge, a guy came across the street to the parking lot, while i was trying to LEAVE. He jumped onto my car!! they dont make it out to be like that. Even the Judge told the state that they were crazy for trying to determin that BS!! Screw that town!! They literally MAKE trouble if there is none to be found. Oh well, I hav a new wondeful life, away from all of the Drunken assholes in that town!
      OCPD kicked my ass for asking a question one time, and MD troopers robbed me. The town “makes” up laws as they go along. Then, the press writes Stephen King novels out of the littlest of details. What a shame.

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