All Wood Makes Most Sense On Boardwalk


Ocean City wants to hear from the public about a number of options available to reconstruct the resort’s famous Boardwalk.

Years ago, a similar approach to a Boardwalk decking project was taken, and the citizens overwhelmingly said they want it to be kept wooden. Times change and it’s worthwhile to gauge public sentiment once again. However, we think it’s bound to be the same majority opinion – wooden is the way to go.

The Boardwalk is one of Ocean City’s most prized jewels. It’s among the first reasons listed when visitors are polled as far as why they come to Ocean City. Surely, the beach and ocean take top billing, but the Boardwalk is close behind.

A trip to the Boardwalk is about the experience, and part of its charm is the wood beneath the feet. It’s part of the rich tradition and history of Ocean City.

To add a concrete path down the middle of the Boardwalk, from 4th to 27th streets, would be messing with tradition. Although it’s said to resemble the look of a wooden surface, there will be no mistaking the surface change.

An argument against going all wood is the money. It’s going to be considerably more expensive, but in this case the additional amount is worth it. It’s going to be interesting to hear what the community thinks.

2 thoughts on “All Wood Makes Most Sense On Boardwalk

  1. I have been an owner of property (personal use – not rental) since 1975. All OC does is waste money. Do you understand you have to start tightening your belts. The rest of the U.S. has. Why is OC special. You know the answer to the Boardwalk problem. Concrete. And stop building in OC – OC looks like a cheap gaudy town. Certainly not what a bargained for when I bought a place there.

  2. City Engineer, Terry McGean’s thorough investigation and presentation was impressive. I was surprised however that his option for the center concrete lane was so negatively received. This seemed to satisfy the aesthetics as well practicality.

    Not mentioned in anything I’ve read is how much more efficient it would be to build with the center lane and how it would decrease the construction time by a full season and make it easier to maintain.

    I do question why the continuation of the outside tram lane has not been considered. Unless there is not enough room that would seem the prefect solution and be much safer.

    Our tram is charming and we need to accommodate it. It’s part of the boardwalk which is the biggest attraction in Ocean City other than the beach. Let’s keep it that way.

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