OC Council Candidate Faces DUI Charges

Steve Green

OCEAN CITY – Within a week of next Tuesday’s election, a candidate for Ocean City Council has been charged with drunk driving.

While driving along 27th Street late Wednesday night, Sean Rox, one of the seven candidates for the three open City Council seats in next Tuesday’s municipal election, was pulled over by police after allegedly driving on to a sidewalk.

Rox, who unsuccessfully ran for council two years ago, is facing six charges, including driving, attempting to drive vehicle under the influence, drive, attempting to drive vehicle while impaired by alcohol, negligent driving vehicle in careless and imprudent manner, driving vehicle on sidewalk and sidewalk area where prohibited and failure to attach vehicle registration plates at front and rear.

OCPD Public Affairs Officer Michael Levy said there was no statement of charges for the arrest, but he was willing to confirm the arrest took place. He said statement of charges are not issued for standard drunk driving arrests.

“The stop took place just before midnight on Wednesday. We are confirming the arrest and he was released after signing a citation to a responsible party,” Levy said. “That’s all I’m permitted to say, under department policies.”

In a statement, responding to an email message and phone call, Rox addressed the situation.

“On the way home from last night’s [Wednesday] Raven’s Roost meeting, my wife and I were pulled over upon exiting a parking lot,” he said. “I was arrested on suspicion of DUI. I am sorry to be involved in this incident.”

Rox withheld further comment pending the outcome of the ordeal.

“We have faith in the legal system to grant us a fair outcome. Our police officers do a great job of serving and protecting our community,” Rox said. “Adversity builds character. This experience has been humbling.”

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