Dr. Jose Alvarado Children’s Fund Announced

For decades, children on
the Lower Shore experienced the healing touch and compassion of pediatrician
Dr. Jose Alvarado, who died in 2009 following a tragic car accident.  Now
his dedication and commitment to children will live on. The Alvarado family has
just announced the  “Dr. Jose Alvarado Children’s Fund”, will have an
initial $4,000 impact on agencies helping vulnerable children including
Salisbury Horizons, Easter Seals, The Holly Community and The United Way of the
Lower Eastern Shore. The four $1,000 grants were directed to help those who
have a proven record of making a difference help even more local

Kathleen Mommé, Executive Director of the United Way of the Lower Eastern
Shore, accepts a $1,000 grant from Margarita and Juan Alvarado.  

2 thoughts on “Dr. Jose Alvarado Children’s Fund Announced

  1. I love this act of charity and moreover that my nephew is at the side of a great example following the the footsteps of my brother. I miss my brother but I know that you live in his legacy. We all should take this as an example and commitment of doing good to others, giving from us to other who really need a hand. I am so proud of you José Eduardo, and I know that my brother is happy to see that his legacy to others continues. We all can do a difference in life! Take my brother and my nephew as an example. Do it from the heart. Joe, I will always love you and as I said, you are my role model and the best brother I have ever had. You can smile from the sky. Good is being given to others!

  2. Sorry I posted by mistake Jose Eduardo. It should have said Juan Carlos. Your aunt is as proud of you as of your other brothers.

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