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Thankful For Election


I think that we’re being
sucked into a vortex of change of such magnitude that we may never recover.
Congress has been basically transformed into the facilitating arm of an
Executive Branch with an aggressive progressive agenda and a fundamental
distain for America and its Constitution. If the financial reform now being
considered is approved, the government will control 60 percent of the economy.
With control of banks and credit, the Executive Branch will have unprecedented power
to determine how we live. And the push to control the internet, newspapers, TV
and radio though Congressional lawmaking or FCC regulation if successful will
make our lives very different, very soon. Many of the new laws contain language
that limits, or eliminates, the ability to “fix” these laws later.

The problem is that most
people are busy working hard and they assume the government is also busy
working hard protecting our freedom and standard of living. Sadly, that’s not
the case. When candidate Obama said he was going to “basically transform America”,
he meant every word. Average voters had absolutely no idea what that involved.
Most Americans love America and don’t want it transformed.

They want to be
Americans with an American way of life. They want to pass on to their children
the America they know and love, not a global governance scheme which by
redistributing wealth, lowers ours standard of living. Of course that won’t
include our leaders, who will find ways to maintain their wealth as leaders in
every repressive government have managed to do. Remember in “Animal Farm,” “all
pigs are equal but some are more equal than others.”

Get involved before it’s
too late. November is coming.

Gloria Moyer

Ocean Pines

Why I Am A Republican?


First let me hasten to
say that I am a Republican because of its philosophy and virtues, not because
of any individual past or present. It is what they do and accomplish that
inspires me to be a Republican, not what they promise. I am results oriented
and have been since I discovered that employers do not pay for efforts, but
results. Jolly good swing, too bad you missed the ball, count 0-1.

When you run on a
platform of eliminating poverty, wars, racial and ethnic problems, you are on a
slippery slope. The World has been working on these for thousands of years, and
yet look around you. It isn’t possible to eliminate these, but there are ways
to minimize and/or deal with them. 

I am pleased that
Democrats are concerned that “fellow Americans have enough to eat, to heat
their homes in winter, to get decent healthcare, and to have unemployment

compensation when they lose a job (through no fault of their own)”.  Democrats do not have the only options on

these “basics”. Republicans also believe in them, but disagree on how these are
made available to our fellow Americans.

Since the war on
poverty, American taxpayers have spent over $13 Trillion to eliminate this
“scourge”. I recall a philosopher who told us “give the poor food and they will

eat, give them plowshares and they will work, prosper, and eat”.  Some people will always be at the bottom, it

is up to them (with assistance, but not subsistence) to move up the ladder
which is available to all in this country. That’s why they come to America.

What keeps poor people
poor is not allowing them to move up the ladder because they are given the
basics with no strings attached…except perhaps to vote for the Liberal mantra.
We have families who have been on welfare through generations with little
incentive to earn a living as each of us has to do every day. Although work is
a four-letter word, it need not be considered bad or dirty.

Recently the Democrats
in Congress passed a “jobs bill” which was signed by the Democrat President.
The essence of this bill was to extend unemployment payments to almost two
years total. Why work when we are getting a check each week from the Democrats
(tax payers)? Is this an incentive to get out a get a job? In tough times,
(some say caused by the government), wherever you can find a job, you take
it…even though it pays less than you normally make.

Mr. Gilchrest got his
job running as a Republican, and then voted as a Democrat. We fired Bush 41
because he did not follow through with “no new taxes”. Mr. Gilchrest did not
act honorably in being elected by his Republican constituents, and then voting
against them.

I can follow your
reasoning for changing from Republican to Democrat, but doing so because of
politicians can be seen from two sides. I can name you lots of Democrat
politicians that should make you revert back to Republicanism, but it’s a
philosophy, not individuals. Voters should not be swayed by naiveté or
inexperience when it comes to politicians. At their very least some politicians
will promise anything to get elected, and then do what they feel is necessary
to stay in office.

If we vote for a
politician who we think will follow through with our philosophy and he or she
does not, as voters we get rid of them the old fashioned way … we fire them.
Just ask Mr. Gilchrest or Mr. Specter, or Mr. Bush 41.

Please check the
following web site (mardelrepublicanclub.org) for a Request for Change of Party
Affiliation Form. We need people who can see both sides of a problem and then
do the right thing for not only Americans, but for the whole world.

Frank Vetare


Barking Dogs Is A Real


Barking dogs. First, I
want to thank the press for their comprehensive coverage of the barking dog
issue. It is a shame WBOC decided to follow it as a fluff issue rather than
covering the issues.

I was at the
commissioners meeting. The reason people left the meeting outraged was because
of what happened during the meeting. The opposition to the barking dog
legislation gave no good reasons for voting against this legislation. The only
public testimony was all for the legislation.

Bud Church and Linda
Busick did a wonderful job of arguing for the legislation. They used good
common sense and gave great reasoning to every dumb argument that came up.
Virgil Shockley said barking dogs don’t bother him. He doesn’t like frogs
chirping, whippoorwills and bobwhites chirping. What’s next? Do we outlaw them?
I say to Virgil, dogs are trainable. I have had dogs most of my life and we
never had one that barked continuously. Jim Purnell said he didn’t mind barking
dogs and bet the dogs in his neighborhood barked louder than ours. Susan Rantz
said she felt the barking dog law was the wrong avenue to prevent the problem
and that the county should look into a chained dog law instead.

Our government is
supposed to protect its citizens. This is a mental health issue for a lot of
people. I should have the right to enjoy my yard and house. Listening to a dog
bark non-stop all day makes life miserable. We don’t hate dogs and don’t want
to take the avenue of heavy fines. We need something to make our neighbors wake

I believe that in most
cases if we had a law to back us up and the threat of penalties for not abiding
by the law that would be enough. When we moved in out here, the neighborhood
started to grow and everyone seem to get a dog to go with the house. Many let
their dogs roam freely through the neighborhood. They started running in packs
and they all frequent my yard because we have a pond they could swim in. They
tormented my cats. Our neighbors were informed about the law that said that any
dog not on your property most be under your control, and now all of our
neighbors now comply with that law.

That is when the barking
started. Some of them now leave their dogs outside when they go to work. The
dogs are unhappy being confined and want love and interaction. So they bark all

Please don’t let this be
the end of this much-needed legislation. Call your commissioners. Ask them to
bring this up for another vote. If that doesn’t work, vote someone in who actually

cares about our concerns and rights. Jack Davis has started an email Barkingdogs2010@yahoo.com. He will gather all comments and get them into the

council’s hands.

Kathleen Davis

Bishopville, Md. 

Call On Recycling


Many years ago I served
as treasurer on the Board of Directors of the Little Salisbury Civic
Association, when Dick Malone came to our meeting and "sold" us on a
recycling program.

Our board was very
enthusiastic about the program and agreed to be the experimental neighborhood.
The recycling worked so well in Little Salisbury, it spread to all
neighborhoods throughout the city and eventually to condominiums. Now, all of a
sudden, our Mayor and City Council feels recycling is not so great, because it
costs us a million dollars a year.

The entire country is
"going green" but now OC is going backward. I don’t know about
others, but I, for one, have a guilt trip every time I drop a bottle, can,
cardboard, newspaper or aluminum in the trash. Mr. Mayor and City Council,
please rethink your horrible decision.
Shirley Travers
Ocean City


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