AGH Auxiliary Honored With Governor’s Award

Atlantic General Hospital and Health System’s Auxiliary was recently honored with a Governor’s Volunteer Service Award. The 328-member body, which donates more than 39,000 hours of service to the hospital each year and has contributed nearly $500,000 to the hospital’s foundation since its inception, was nominated by Delegate Jim Mathias for the annual award. Above, from left, are CEO Michael … Continue reading

Fish ‘N OC

As I sit down to write this report, which will be my first of the 2010 season, I will freely admit that I almost do not know where to begin. It is still only May, and we have been fishing here for just a few short weeks, but the fishing so far has been nothing short of phenomenal. We all … Continue reading

Inflation: When Price Is The Object

OCEAN CITY – The effects of short-term market volatility can be frightening, but when it comes to planning for retirement, the real bogeyman is inflation, says Joseph Zidle, Global Wealth Management investment strategist, BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research. For the past 25 years, inflation has averaged about 3% annually. While that doesn’t sound very threatening, this steady increase in the Consumer Price … Continue reading