Christian Radio Seeks To Operate Station In County

SNOW HILL – A nationwide network of Christian radio stations has asked Worcester County to approve a request to operate a non-profit radio station in the county.

The Educational Media Foundation (EMF), which operates many K-Love and Air 1 Christian radio stations across the country, has asked the Worcester County Commissioners to hold a public hearing and approve a resolution to support a funding request by the network. EMF is applying for a $20 million bond through the state of Colorado.

Worcester County would not incur any financial obligations for the EMF project.

No new jobs will be generated by the radio station, which will broadcast out of Fenwick, through a radio tower in Bishopville, said County Economic Development Director Jerry Redden.

This is the network’s first venture in Maryland and Delaware, Redden said.

EMF touts itself as offering educational programs, promotion of charity and cultural events, and raising money for charitable causes.

According to materials provided to the county, the radio station schedule will include contemporary Christian music, public service announcements, and public affairs programming. Off the air, listeners can call in for counseling.

According to the EMF website, listeners can also e-mail or call in prayer requests.

The EMF website lists K-Love’s vision: “To communicate the Gospel through mass media to lead as many people as possible toward salvation and spiritual growth.”

K-Love’s mission is then listed as: “To effectively communicate the Gospel message to those who don’t know or fully understand it, through full time contemporary Christian music and short educational elements over radio and the Internet – using modern day language and the highest professional standards.”

“We certainly could use more public information, like it was with rabies,” said Commissioner Linda Busick, referencing a public awareness push on the rabies epidemic.

“They do not sell advertising. It’s non-profit,” said Redden. “We’re not competing against those people in our area that are already competing for our advertising dollars.”

The public hearing on the new radio station will be held May 4, during the County Commissioners’ regular meeting in Snow Hill, at 10:40 a.m.

One thought on “Christian Radio Seeks To Operate Station In County

  1. Commissioner Linda Busick stated: “We certainly could use more public information, like it was with rabies,’ said Commissioner Linda Busick, referencing a public awareness push on the rabies epidemic.”

    Unfortunately, K-LOVE does not offer local PSAs. As proof, just drive thru Cherry Hill, NJ and listen to them on 89.5 FM.

    Though they won’t compete with secular radio stations, they will take a huge portion of money away from the local Christian Area Broadcasters. The donations going to K-LOVE get sent to the mothership station in Sacramento California.

    K-LOVE offers no benefit to the region. There are enough local Christian and secular radio stations in the area that support our local businesses and are truly part of the local community.

    The K-LOVE model takes away funds from local tax-payers and sends it to California.

    Let a local buyer purchase the station and hire a staff,

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