Worcester County Democratic Women’s Club

The Worcester County Democratic Women’s Club members attended the United Democratic Women’s Clubs of Maryland, Inc. Convention at the Carousel Hotel in November. Pictured, seated from left, are Arlene Page and Barbara Bland; standing, from left, Ethel Hines, Dell Purnell, Joan Roache, Millie Ward, Pam Mitchel, Lavern Powell, Diana Gross, Jean Louis and Kathy Muncy.

One thought on “Worcester County Democratic Women’s Club

  1. This week’s dispatch said there were NO votes written in for John Laferla.????????? I want you to know my husband and I were given write in instructions and we typed in his name. I think the sheets of instructions were wrong and may have been circulated by republican operatives. The sheet daid to type in Laferla,John.And all the candidates listed on the ballot had their names listed with first names then surname. We may have been snookered. I am very upset. We need to gear up for booting Andy Harris out in 2 years. 2 years will fly by quickly. We need a stronger Democrat party on the Eastern Shore.Contact us to discuss.I cannot believe there was no write in votes at all.
    Diane P. Snyder
    Wm. R. Snyder
    12820 Whisper Trace Drive
    Ocean City, MD. 21842

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