Worcester Preparatory School

Worcester Preparatory School classes of 2007 and 2008 were honored recently with a total of 37 AP Scholar Awards with three students from the Class of 2007, who are now in college receiving National Scholar recognition. Jenna Sternberg, MIT; Brian Carey, Lafayette; and Christine Tobin, University of Maryland, were designated as National Scholars. Class of 2008 members receiving AP Honors after their junior year were, front from left, Greg Butler, Scholar with Honor; Charlotte Desmarais, Scholar with Distinction; Melissa Anagnostakos, Scholar with Distinction; Marissa Dean, Scholar with Distinction; Christian Coates, Scholar with Distinction; Caitlin Whalan, Scholar; back, from left, Ryan Ruppert, Scholar with Distinction; Madison Dyer, Scholar; Clayton Perry, Scholar with Distinction; Hank Fisher, Scholar; Alex Fisher, Scholar; Sean Hearn, Scholar with Distinction; Woody Harrington, Scholar; Trevor Mathias, Scholar with Distinction; and Justin Klevs, Scholar with Distinction.

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