Worcester Prep

Worcester Prep winners are pictured in grades 1-6 in the summer reading competition, which included contests in the number of books read and the number of pages read. First row, from left, Jordan Welch, Ocean Pines; Taylor Campbell, Ocean Pines; Emilee Dorey, Millville; and Jack Fager, Ocean City; second row, Jonathan Ruddo, Berlin; Chloe Ruddo, Berlin; Arella Berger, Ocean City; Shelby Laws, Berlin; Zack Oltman, Selbyville; Jordan Osias, Bethany Beach; Robert Jett, Ocean Pines; Lauren Jett, Ocean Pines; and Gabriel D’Antonio, Hebron; third row, Claire Stickler, Lewes; Lorenzo De Jesus, Seaford; Ava Schwartz, Eden; Thomas Fager, Ocean City; Carolyn Dorey, Millville; Mikalah Potvin, Snow Hill; Taylor Hawkins, Berlin; Melissa Laws, Berlin; Cole Berry, Bishopville; Jamie Welch, Ocean Pines; and Claire Dorey, Millville.

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