Worcester Prep

Some of the Worcester Prep students who took part in the Coastal Cleanup at Assateague earlier this month were, first row from left, Niki Kunciw, Ocean Pines; Jordan Kendall, Ocean City; Halea Reiner, Seaford; and Anna Townsend, Ocean City; second row, from left, Mary Mazcko, Berlin; Alex Lewis, Ocean City; Casey Reiner, Seaford; Julian Greer, Bishopbille; Alexis Vouros, Salisbury; Mary Hudson, Berlin; Katie Beach-Halverstadt, Ocean View; Mickie Meinhardt, Ocean City; Caitlin Whalan, Ocean City; Hilary Roughton, Selbyville; Caitlin Miller, Ocean View; and third row, Megan O’Donnell, Ocean City; Betsy Desmarais, Salisbury; Polly Macnab, Bethany Beach; Sarah Gunion, Ocean City; Sloane O’Donnell, Berlin; Alex Fisher, Salisbury; Mackenzie White, Berlin; Rachel Sharp, Snow Hill; Samantha Taraila, Bishopville; Jenna Hudson, Ocean City; Erin Ternahan, Bethany Beach; Molly Simons, Bethany Beach; Gina LaBarck, Ocean Pines; Skylar Wilson, Lewes; and fourth row, Hank Fisher, Salisbury; Josh Berman, Bishopville; Brian Nawrocki, Bishopville; Greg Butler, Ocean City; Austin Cook, Berlin; Lee Kendall, Ocean City; Max Perim, Salisbury; and Andrew Canakis, Ocean City.

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